Clinical Trials




buRst-supprESsion TO stop Refractory status Epilepticus post-cardiac arrest (NCT05851391)

RESTORE is a randomized clinical trial investigating the safety and feasibility of using EEG treatment targets (burst suppression vs. seizure suppression) for post-cardiac arrest refractory status epilepticus treatment.

Contact: Edilberto Amorim, MD (PI) [email protected]   Kate Peterson (Lead CRC) [email protected]  


Multicenter Studies




Patient-Focused Collaborative Hospital Repository Uniting Standards for Equitable AI (1OT2OD032701-01)

CHORUS will develop the necessary network, tools, standards, data, and education to build machine-learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)-derived models to improve the care and outcomes of patients requiring critical care. 

Contact: Edilberto Amorim, MD (UCSF PI) [email protected] 



I-CARE: The International Cardiac Arrest REsearch consortium

Open Data for Coma Research using AI for time-series multichannel waveform data: In partnership with the Brain Data Science Platform and the AHA Precision Medicine Platform, we have curated the largest disease-specific clinical and EEG database for cardiac arrest. This data can be accessed by outside UCSF through Physionet and BDSP and is being used at the CinC 2023 Hackathon.

BIDMC: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; BWH: Brigham and Women’s Hospital; MGH: Massachusetts General Hospital; Yale: Yale New Haven Medical Center, UTW: University of Twente (Medisch Spectrum Twente); RJN: Rinjstate Hospital; ULB: Université Libre de Bruxelles (Erasme Hospital); ICU: Intensive care unit; EDF+: European Data Format; WFDB: Waveform Database; BDSP: Brain Data Science Platform; S3: Simple Storage Service.