Our Mission
We aim to accelerate neurological recovery after acute brain injury by developing innovative biomedical technologies and treatments that harness artificial intelligence.
Critical Care Meets Neuroscience
We use big data analytics and massive physiology data to illuminate insights about coma recovery in cardiac arrest and trauma.
New Technologies to Cure Coma
We design, create, and deploy novel brain monitoring tools to enable real-time ICU precision medicine.
Advancing Neurological Care to All
We are committed to promote state-of-the-art and equitable neurocritical care research that is inclusive to the diverse population we serve.

The Amorim Lab is focused on decoding the human brain's physiology after acute injury using invasive and non-invasive brain monitoring methods. Our vision is that every patient with acute brain injury should receive personalized and humanized care throughout their journey to recovery. We are committed to bring precision medicine for patients with traumatic brain injury, cardiac arrest, stroke, epilepsy, and those at risk for neurological deterioration in the intensive care unit.